The Boeing 777x is about to take its maiden flight but nobody is aware of what lies ahead. Things got very slow when the COVID pandemic started, Working from Home, and staff issues, just to name a few issues. Returning to normal lives after the pandemic isn’t that easy for most people.

Despite various highly requested upgrades, various Boeing airplanes faced some major unfortunate events leaving the world in shock. The inspection of this incident took a long time, and the investigators shed no stone unturned. Not only Boeing, but the entire aviation industry was desperate to identify patient zero. Every team was instructed to report any suspicious activity while Theo and Sarah were looking at the bigger picture to identify the attacker. But is the mastermind paranoid enough to make it impossible to be identified?

It is early Spring 2020. Paul is still busy digging through all the data the system has received since the maiden flight. Via, via, Paul knows the engineers are extremely busy fixing the discovered bugs in the various systems. But he cannot discover any indication that the covered operation has been compromised.

While making dinner, he thinks, ‘How can we use this most effectively?’ Eventually, he needs to inform his superiors about the progress. He grabs his smartphone and launches the Telegram app. Although he trusts the Telegram app, he doesn’t trust the Android operating system. He had already gathered too many bizarre stories. Therefore, he decided only to send a happy smiley to John. In the second message, he writes ‘+3’

John feels his phone vibrating and starts looking at the display. There were two telegram icons, and then he launched the app to see who had texted him. Now John is thinking, ‘Somebody had an exciting time during the lockdowns.’ He knows what ‘+3’ means, so he merely sends the letter ‘V’ as a reply.